UBB.threads 7.6.1 - Progress Report (2017-04-10.2)

Posted By: isaac

UBB.threads 7.6.1 - Progress Report (2017-04-10.2) - 04/13/2017 2:07 PM

Changelog 2017-04-10.2
[FIX] File Manager now displays a message on the same page when the max number attachments has been reached, and prevents you from adding more items until you delete a previous item. Previously the user would be taken to a new page which displayed the error, but there was no way to return back to the File Manager to manage your current files, and it required starting all over again.
[FIX] File Manager no longer pushes content off the screen for files with extremely long names. They are now wrapped at the end of the line.
[FIX] Fixed some HTML duplication/typos errors within the File Manager.

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