Posted By: isaac UBB.threads 7.6.0 - Progress Report (2016-07-24) - 08/09/2016 11:38 AM
Changelog 2016-07-24
• This update was extremely time-consuming, with almost a total rewrite of the showflat and its post side/top templates. The display may look the same, but the HTML behind it has had a complete overhaul. Its been tested on full width and mobile, logged in and guest, and in the PM/PT pages.
• QuickReply - QR has been cleaned up and is more of a *quick* reply now. Everything should be working as expected.
• Thread Navigation - This button group has been rewritten and moved to the top of the post page. The intent of making this section more visible, is to hopefully get more page views and interaction by your guest users. Some users like to bounce back and forth between the post list, while many other users like to read forums/social media like "books" or email. They want to dive in to a position and just read "forward." Moving the Thread Navigation buttons to this location should help improve their experience. In addition, this new location should also help to entice users coming from search engines, to browse additional topics on your forum.
• Member Profile - Locations are now converted in to Google Maps searches, just like on the post/message pages.
• Member Location - These links next to the member post/messages/profile pages are now url encoded (Smarty escaped).
• Breadcrumb Bar - Font Awesome is now used here as the divider.
• Additional IP address proxy detection.
• Coppa Form - This page has been rewritten to be more user-friendly; on screen and in printed form.
• All Edit/Reply/Quote links are now working on the post and message side, top, and mobile pages.
• All post links are also now working as expected.
• "Use Full Editor" button is now fully working on all pages that make use of it.
• Lots of template clean up.

Known issues
• DST offset calculator is unfinished
• Calendar - SOME of the calendar day presentation is nonfunctional. ie; event-count hover when a birthday is displayed
• Calendar - The current day is based on UTC day rather than user's timezone offset.
• Styles - Some links which appear as a standard link color for the Style, rather than the lighter (white) color they should be.
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