Posted By: Gizmo Teaser - Do you "Like" my little project? - 08/27/2015 4:10 AM
As we're finishing the template updates for 7.6.0, I've personally been working on a long requested feature, the ability to "Like" a post/thread/user. Now, this feature will not be in the 7.6.0 release, it's going to require a significant amount of testing (and more code, since what I have is a whole three days of getting the base functionality in).

But, for today, you get a picture; and this is really just alpha level code.

Description: UBB.Like - Day III
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Posted By: Mark_S Re: Teaser - Do you "Like" my little project? - 09/09/2015 3:12 AM
I'm unsure about Unlike !!

Rate a member,
was on a personal level

Rate a topic was more on the level of Liking the content.

I'm against the negative buttons to be honest.

Take a look at this site, and scroll down for the "Kudos" buttons https://community.giffgaff.com/t5/Service-Updates/Found-an-unreported-service-issue/td-p/5862774

Its so positive and in your face, yours seems over bloated to what i'm used to seeing.
Yours would be a good break down page of what's going on.
The Kudos buttons are likes so to speak but members give much clearer and positive replies to get a kudos point.
That link is the best example ive come across of successfully using a positive like button.

Dont over engineer a simple "Like" please smile
Posted By: Gizmo Re: Teaser - Do you "Like" my little project? - 09/09/2015 10:03 AM
There is no negative button, a user "likes"/"thanks" a post, that's ultimately it. If you find it useful, "like" or "thank" the post, you can remove your existing "like" only, you cannot downvote. If you "like" a post, then a +1 is given to the users profile field "likes", if you remove your existing like, it decreases the amount of likes (as it's only increased when a post of theirs is found helpful).

Basically it keeps track of how valuable a users content is. You can rename "Like"/"Unlike" to whatever you want ("Kudo's", "Likes", "Thanks", it's all in the language files.

And it's not over-engineered. It does what it should do for being able to "like" a post on any other forum title, only it keeps track of how many times a user has had their posts liked.
Posted By: Mark_S Re: Teaser - Do you "Like" my little project? - 09/09/2015 7:11 PM
If a users attitude changed towards a user, then they can unlike the "Content" because they don't like that user because of some disagreement or what ever. As your saying your liking the content and not the user, so why should you unlike a post you previously liked if the "Content" has not changed.

Liking a post is Simply yes i liked it for its face value.
Liking a user a attitude / emotion can change.

Liking and unliking, is more about an individual than a posts content.

Maybe a meet in the middle would be enable unlike button ?? On Off toggle.

IMO modern forums are so full of negative comments between members it really hard to keep it positive, underhand comments that we as admin dont always see or know about until it all kicks off.

Likes could be linked to upgraded subscriptions rather than post count. If the user puts the time and effort into a post then we can show our appreciation as a "Like" and it should stand.
Also enable like in this forum would be a good option to have also, as i have a jokes section, and if there getting likes just for copy and paste stuff its not much effort for a like and then does not really show there a contributor with respect from others.

Food for thought.
Posted By: Gizmo Re: Teaser - Do you "Like" my little project? - 09/09/2015 8:09 PM
For the time being, this feature will be just like the Google +1 or Facebook "Like", whereby if a user likes content, they can unlike said content at any time (as you're showing appreciation to the author of a posting for their content; if they're having a spat, it's not this mod's fault, it didn't do anything wrong, it isn't deserving of a spanking). I just don't feel comfortable with saying "you like this now, but a month from now you might not, and there might be outside factors, but you're stuck liking this forever", that's pretty much against a "like" system.

If you want to modify the feature to make it so that users cannot "unlike" that'd be a choice for you (simply modify the "down" area of like.inc.php), but making the software anything more or less than the current "real-world" systems it's being modeled after isn't the goal of what's going to be provided thus far.
Posted By: Mark_S Re: Teaser - Do you "Like" my little project? - 09/09/2015 10:08 PM
We can Agree to Disagree smile

Maybe it works better in practice.

Its feedback. . . .
Posted By: isaac Re: Teaser - Do you "Like" my little project? - 09/09/2015 10:13 PM
Although its close to being complete, the feature is still in development. Until its actually released, so much can change or it literally will be exactly as described above.

[edited for clarity]

Personally, I am glad to see a feature as large as this, being created for our UBB.threads software. I welcome all new features, no matter if I use them to their fullest, modified to fit my sites, or not at all.

Good job James/Gizmo!
Well I welcome the like feature.
Or thanks feature.
Whichever way it evolves.

Question is, Do we plan on abandoning the old stars rating when implemented?
I never cared for it.

I don't have a opinion either way as far as other users go,other than some still use it and may bark if it goes away.
Posted By: Gizmo Re: Teaser - Do you "Like" my little project? - 09/13/2015 3:44 AM
The system is written in such a way that it can be easily expanded upon, so you can have it as likes, thanks, kudos, karma, whatever; just by editing the language string, I didn't want anyone digging in code. The exception is the naming of the files.

It'd be simple enough to actually have several types as well, since I was originally planning it to allow them as the original vision was to allow liking of users and topics; but the initial topic is really just a post, and giving the users profile a likes column and just increasing that based on their posts being liked seemed like a better route.

There are several things that I'm to add, before release of 7.6.1, such as the ability to limit the amounts of likes that people can make per day.

This is all running live on the test forums on www.virtualnightclub.net if anyone would like to test and provide feedback. It won't be tested here at dev until 7.6.0 is out the door, which is getting closer and closer each day.
Posted By: Mark_S Re: Teaser - Do you "Like" my little project? - 09/13/2015 9:36 PM
What you could do with this one G is extras ?

Because the likes are on Content and not so say the individual you can expand on new islands, Most liked today, week, month.
What i like if the likes work as in the kudos site i listed is that it brings out the better replies and content from members, they want to expain that bit more, they want to help that bit more and eventully gaining a like.

Not sure why your digging into this method, another concept that could play alongside is "Best answer" which is another type of reward scheme which brings with it possible Extra Likes who knows?

Food for thought.
Posted By: Mark_S Re: Teaser - Do you "Like" my little project? - 09/16/2015 3:47 AM
Dislike Update !!

Facebook is making a Dislike button sick

Posted By: isaac Re: Teaser - Do you "Like" my little project? - 09/17/2015 3:31 PM
I'm still holding out for this one...

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Posted By: Gizmo Re: Teaser - Do you "Like" my little project? - 09/17/2015 7:14 PM
ROFL, probably not the same wording wink... lol
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