7.6.0 - Support for CDN's, Proxy Detect, and SFS

Posted By: Gizmo

7.6.0 - Support for CDN's, Proxy Detect, and SFS - 06/13/2015 7:36 PM

Tonight I began the task of adding support in for CDN's and Proxy Detection; basically we're presenting the value for the forwarded for variable for the IP address, versus just relying on the value of the referrer address (as proxies/cdn's relay their own IP, as their server is what is connecting).

Since some tinkering was needed to get Stop Forum Spam ported up to utilize the IP detection we've also added Stop Forum Spam to the login page, which will be parsed for SFS levels of 2+ (which is also what the registration system utilizes). The big change here is that when a "sleeper" registers an account and "lies in wait" to spam your site and plethora of others that they've registered, once they've triggered a ban from any of the others they'll be blacklisted from logging in.

At some point it'd probably be useful to have a trigger built to check logged in users against the db at random (well, probably at the load of the create new post/reply page), but improvements and cleanup are really our focus now for a *Summer Release* (hey, it's not a definitive date).
Posted By: Mark_S

Re: 7.6.0 - Support for CDN's, Proxy Detect, and SFS - 06/21/2015 1:45 AM

Good Work Gizmo smile

May be an idea on the random detection to put them in a sleepers list to manually or automatically be dealt with.
We work hard to get new members, and its so easy to loose a member because the software got it wrong.

Members don't see the behind the scenes work to keep the forums clean.
I have to say the Stop Forum Spam, has made it easier to spot a foreign spammer, but you will always have the local prat.
Posted By: Gizmo

Re: 7.6.0 - Support for CDN's, Proxy Detect, and SFS - 06/21/2015 11:35 AM

If you have a key populated it'll submit as well; I also updated the registration bits to function the same way, as they where it wouldn't really work right unless you had a key entered.
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