UBB.threads 7.6.0 - Progress Report (04-13-2015)

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UBB.threads 7.6.0 - Progress Report (04-13-2015) - 04/13/2015 1:17 AM

7.6.0 Progress Report: "Awesome! This page site is mobile-friendly."

Another progress report so soon? The last one was just three days ago! -- This one implements a feature many of you have been asking for; A mobile friendly forum.

This progress report will be real short and to the point. Lets dive in for a minute to see what some of those changes were.

Changelog 2015-04-13
• EDITSTYLE -Fixed the Style Editor tool to finally display the edit boxes properly.

• CHANGEBASIC, EDITBASIC, SHOWPROFILE -Added some strings to accommodate the inclusion of Social Networking profiles within your Member Profile page.
• GENERIC -Updated the CAPTCHA image verification instructions to improve clarity.

• POSTLIST -Moved the pagination/multi-page indicators to the same line as the topic. Relocated its related formatting from the scripts and placed it within the template file.

• HEADER -Adjusted code needed for displaying forums on mobile devices. Consolidated a few lines.
• HEADER -Fixed the $breadcrumb and $welcome title bar display. The $welcome string no longer hogs a whole line to itself when the $breadcrumb is very long.
• MULTIPLE -Added the major code needed to be able to display UBB.threads on mobile devices. Several pages saw a sprinkling of the strings required to make it all work. This will be complete for all pages requiring it, for the release of 7.6.0.
• SHOWFLAT -To give more room to the content of a post, POST_SIDE when viewed from a mobile device displays as a simplified POST_TOP. The author information is moved from the side and placed on the top of their post.
• QUICKREPLY -This has been cleaned up and the Post Options and CAPTCHA elements have been reorganized to play well with mobile devices while also being brought up to a modern presentation.
• MULTIPLE -More code and CSS formatting optimizations.

This is the second build in a row where new features have been added, while the archive size has been reduced. Cheers!

NOTICE: At the time of this post, UBB.threads 7.6.0 is very much still work in progress. This current code will change several more times before being published to the Members area of http://ubbcentral.com. This *WORK IN PROGRESS* code is not available for download or purchase. This series of progress reports is being made public to share the development progress on UBB.threads. Items may be pulled from the final release or may be reworked to have a different presentation than what is depicted in this post. This is very much WORK IN PROGRESS and not by any means "final."
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Re: UBB.threads 7.6.0 - Progress Report (04-13-2015) - 04/15/2015 2:00 PM

Im using my mobile now and first impressions its very nice.

The Quick reply is quick neat and friendly. Thumbs up, good work.

Maybe you spoild me with this first page, because when I go to full reply, I have to zoom out to see all my post in the text box. See attached image.

Feed back *
I'm pleased to see progress its all in the right direction.

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Re: UBB.threads 7.6.0 - Progress Report (04-13-2015) - 04/15/2015 2:05 PM

Dam this should be in your newer topic lol.
Dam mobile theme lol
Posted By: Mark_S

Re: UBB.threads 7.6.0 - Progress Report (04-13-2015) - 04/15/2015 2:12 PM

May I suggest closing the previous update threads so i dont mess your latest topic up smile
Posted By: isaac

Re: UBB.threads 7.6.0 - Progress Report (04-13-2015) - 04/15/2015 2:19 PM

a few more days, and the inlined images will use shadowbox to help play nicely with the mobile experience. the post edit/reply pages will also be updated. but overall, what youve seen so far, is the direction we're headed.

it is extremely importaint for this mobile upgrade to still alow forum owners to use their current style/themes, while allowing their users to have full access to your forums without the need to install a third party app on their devices. Google will also rank sites based on if they are mobile-friendly.
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