Posted By: Finrod "Approve Display Names" Counter - 04/19/2003 6:41 PM
"Approve Display Names"...some people will perhaps have fun by changing their display name every week. An Admin of a board with many users may not want to behave his users like that, so a counter for how many changes of his displsy name a user has requested sounds like a nifty idea to me.

Posted By: Lisa_P Re: "Approve Display Names" Counter - 04/19/2003 11:57 PM
Another idea I had for Display names was to have a column in w3t_Users that would store all display names 'permenantly', then list them on the user's profile. So if you looked at the user's profile, it would show any different display names they'd used in the past. I'd like to make it searchable as well, so that if someone wants to know if user "A" has been around in awhile, they could search for user "A"'s posts and it would show them that user "A" is now being seen as user "B", with a link to B's profile or posts.

It sounded fairly simple in my head until I typed it out.
Posted By: Dave_L_dup1 Re: - 04/20/2003 12:32 AM
Personally I have no need for this, but if it were done, I think would be better to use the w3t_DisplayNames table for this purpose.

A couple of columns could be added:
- D_Pending CHAR(1) NOT NULL DEFAULT '1'

D_Timestamp, being of type TIMESTAMP, is automatically set to the current date/time when a row is inserted.

D_Pending would be '1' to indicate that that display name is currently awaiting approval or rejection, and '0' otherwise (historical information).

The existing functionality, as well as the new functionality requested in the previous two posts, would be available by doing the appropriate queries.
Posted By: oceanwest Re: - 04/21/2003 5:05 PM
Also I would like a Private Message sent to an administrator (perhaps Daily with all the other cron tasks) that Alterts me to the fact that people wish to have their name changed. Sometimes I forget and when I look in there there are a lot of requests and it could have been days old.

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