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#318902 - 04/06/12 08:45 PM Long time gone
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Travis Offline
Travis Offline

Joined: Aug 2000
Posts: 1116
Virginia | Xtreme
I finally was able to get access back to this account tipsy Been almost ten years since I last posted.

I recently was able to repurchase the domain name that I had when I was an active member of this site. tipsy Feeling pretty nostalgic lately, and hate how automatic forum modding is now-a-days. tipsy I liked manually editing files!

How is everyone else doing these days? It's good to see this site still up and running after so long.

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#318903 - 04/07/12 08:02 AM Re: Long time gone [Re: Travis]
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Bill B Offline
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Bill B Offline
Power User

Joined: Dec 2001
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Issaquah, WA
Yep... change is slow to come.

Bill Barker
Issaquah, Wa

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