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#204263 - 02/14/00 10:14 PM An invitation to my forum
Pudgimelon Offline
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Hi all,<br /><br />Finally got wwwthreads working on my server (it's hard when you don't know how to use linux!). I'd like to invite you all to come take a look and offer suggestions on how I might improve things.<br /><br />The site is still VERY raw (the boards aren't even hooked up to the main site yet), but it's coming along nicely. The focus of the site is on a online collectible card game called chron x. if you like games, maybe you'll find the site interesting. if not, well, you can give me some aesthetic critiques.<br /><br />the url is:<br /><br /><br /><br />the url of the site is:<br /><br /><br /><br />yes, it is an Edu server. I brought in an old P133 from home, and installed linux on it so i could learn the operating system. The server actually does have a working purpose too. It hosts an email-based mentoring program as well as two other wwwthreads databases for educational research groups.<br /><br />the game site is where i do my learning and experimenting before i apply it to the working sides of the machine.<br /><br />I hope you stop by for a visit.<br /><br />Enjoy!<br /><br />Geo (Pudgimelon)<br /><br />

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#204264 - 02/22/00 10:53 PM Re: An invitation to my forum [Re: Space Cadet]
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Looks awesome! I like your design. Good Luck!<br /><br />


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