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#204263 - 02/15/00 06:14 AM An invitation to my forum
Pudgimelon Offline
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Registered: 09/15/99
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Hi all,

Finally got wwwthreads working on my server (it's hard when you don't know how to use linux!). I'd like to invite you all to come take a look and offer suggestions on how I might improve things.

The site is still VERY raw (the boards aren't even hooked up to the main site yet), but it's coming along nicely. The focus of the site is on a online collectible card game called chron x. if you like games, maybe you'll find the site interesting. if not, well, you can give me some aesthetic critiques.

the url is:

the url of the site is:

yes, it is an Edu server. I brought in an old P133 from home, and installed linux on it so i could learn the operating system. The server actually does have a working purpose too. It hosts an email-based mentoring program as well as two other wwwthreads databases for educational research groups.

the game site is where i do my learning and experimenting before i apply it to the working sides of the machine.

I hope you stop by for a visit.


Geo (Pudgimelon)

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#204264 - 02/23/00 06:53 AM Re: An invitation to my forum [Re: Space Cadet]
The Team Offline

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Looks awesome! I like your design. Good Luck!


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