06/10/14 10:00 AM Old posts now readable by Gremelin

Old UBB.Threads imported posts weren't parsing correctly, until today anyhow. From a suggestion from id242 we updated all of the old posts to "both markup and ubbcode" and rebuilt all topics; from doing such all of the posts now are parsed properly and readable to the user (and search engines).

Thanks again id242 for all of your suggestions!

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12/01/13 05:17 AM UBBDev Now Running Threads 7.5.8 by Gremelin

We're now running v7.5.8, you can see the UBB.Wiki Changelog.

We're having a few little hickups, but we hope to get it all cleared up shortly.

12/07/2013: We're now running the 7.5.8 Refresh.

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07/07/12 09:23 PM New Management by Gremelin

The UBB Developers Network is now under new management from an old member; Gizmo (Gizzy/Gremelin) has taken over the reins of UBB.Dev from Allen Ayres this week.

I've got a bit to do by way of policing the files already on the server, and I have some ideas for enhancing the site.

Step one was disabling the registration queue and installing the Stop Forum Spam modification; this was done earlier today and with any luck we should see similar registration numbers, minus the spammers.

Step two you ask? Well, it wouldn't be much of a surprise now would it wink.

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08/19/10 02:59 AM UBBDev Now Running Threads 7.5.6 by AllenAyres

While waiting anxiously for Rick and Company to get a new private alpha to the testing team, we're glad to see an update to the 7-series. Mostly bugfixes and a couple of new features, this one tightens up the solidity of the threads workhorse release smile

For the official list of bugs fixed, please see the official changelog topic at ubbcentral.

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02/17/09 07:51 PM UBBDev News - February 2009 by AllenAyres

UBB.Threads 7.5B1 On-Board

Please be patient as we baby the new beta for the upcoming 7.5 series. Rick has added quite a few smaller features (IOW not so obvious to the end-user but very helpful to admins) and fixed a good number of bugs in preparation for beginning work on the upcoming 8.0 series yay

For a look at what's new and changed, please visit the ChangeLog.

Upcoming Events

If you'd like to have your site featured here at UBBDev with some nice search-engine friendly backlinks and discussion, stay tuned for a topic in our Promoting Your Community forum. It should be up a bit later this week.

New Mods

We'd like to thank DLWebmaestro and Kayjey for some recently released mods and blaaskaak and Gizmo for new dev work on other mods - to see what's cooking, visit the Addons and Modifications forum.


Last but not least - if you've got a design itch, you can scratch it at a new sister site. Rick has been putting together a new associated site for us and ubbcentral over at www.ubbskins.com - it's in beta stage currently, but will be getting into high-gear once ubb.threads 8 is hot in development. Stay tuned for more. smile

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