08/24/2016 7:28 PM UBB.threads 7.6.0 - Progress Report (2016-08-24) by id242
Changelog 2016-08-24
• ShowProfile -Now displays a calculated "Posts Per Day."
• ShowProfile -Fixed the Group Images (Profile Badges) display when a user has more than one Group Image.
• ShowProfile -The User Rating drop-down section is now hidden from unregistered users. Registered users cannot rate themselves, so no rating options will be shown while viewing their own profiles either.
• ShowProfile -User Rating drop-down lists now defaults to a blank rating when nothing is selected. It previously defaulted to just "1 Star." This drop-down list is also now sorted in a natural descending order.

The Member Rating selector is found right under the "About" section, as floating options, just as the buttons above the signature line does. The Total Rating given by the public, is displayed in the top-right of the "Profile for Member #" bar. All ratings are in graphical stars now. And the hover-over tells how many public rates were given to get that total star-score.

The Member Profile page has been greatly improved from 7.5.x series. It's packed full of information, and I believe it is not too busy to be overwhelming.

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08/24/2016 2:04 AM UBB.threads 7.6.0 - Progress Report (2016-08-22) by id242
Changelog 2016-08-22
• File Manager -Image attachments are now displayed in the order which they were uploaded. Fixed wink Thanks Mark_S!
• File Manager -This page now displays its contents right up to the margin limits and with 0px padding. This should help displaying on mobile screens. In addition to the next item in this changelog, ".t_inner,.t_outer{margin:0;}" was hard-coded in to the file manager, to assist in the display of this page on sites which are using complex custom styles.
• Styles -The default styles were updated once again. For each, "ubb_popup_body" was updated to "margin:0;padding:4px;"
• File Manager -The [Remove] button has been replaced with a FA icon. This gives more room for the file name to be shown.
• File Manager -Hovering over the file name will display the File Caption, if one was entered.
• /ubb_js/responsive-switch.min.js -This file can be deleted. Its no longer needed.
• Footer -Replaced the Mobile/Desktop script with "Show/Hide columns on this page" link. The link only displays if your website utilizes either or both columns. When clicked, the left and right columns are toggled between shown or hidden. Hidden by default on smaller screens -- toggling it will allow all the content in your columns to be shown. Columns are shown by default on desktops, it will allow members to take cleaner screenshots or printouts or just have more reading real-estate. If you are using ads in your left/right columns, a user can hide that column if they choose. The column is only hidden for that single page view. It is displayed on desktop again if they refresh or travel to a new page. The opposite is true for your mobile users. This feature was added to compliment the current User Preferences (in the My Stuff menu) and Site Settings (In Control Panel > Portal Settings) of displaying columns. These features work well as is, and remain unchanged.
• Search -When "Show a preview of post body with results" is checked, in addition to highlighting your search terms in the result, the length has once again been boosted to 800chars. This should make finding what you're looking for easier, and it should also resolve some of the closing DIVs of most quoted posts.
• Fixed this missing-string typo. Thanks VaGunTrader for reporting it! And Thanks James Corthell for locating and fixing it!

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08/16/2016 12:43 PM UBB.threads 7.6.0 - Progress Report (2016-08-16) by id242
Changelog 2016-08-16
• Forums List (mobile layout) now shows all information. Special attention to detail was placed on that "Teaser Forum" / "Private Topic" bits.
• Post List (mobile layout) also got further attention. For about a week, we were using a single column for displaying both replies and views. This has now been reverted back to two columns. It just looks cleaner by adding that bit of visual space to break up the bulky columns. We're also able to restore all of the column sorters, without using a complicated user interface that would have been needed if the columns remained merged.
• Forum List & Post List -Both pages are now fully mobile-friendly and display all of their important information on mobile-sized screens.
• Forum List & Post List -Fixed a few other rare display related issues issues.
• Build information has been moved in to the language files until release. It was previously hard-coded right in to the footer. Having it within the language file makes it much easier to update for each snapshot. When released, only the UBB.threads version will be shown on the user-side pages -- build version information will not be displayed except for in the admin control panel.

The common.css received a lot more attention to fix lots of cross-browser quirks.
• Firefox will now display a broken-image icon if an image is missing.
• iOS will now display your buttons as you've designed them, rather than how Apple wants them to be displayed.
• Android 4.0 will now display the audio player controls for inlined media.
• Buttons that are disabled will no longer display a pointer when moused-over.
• Lists within posts are now indented correctly. Your external use of lists is unaffected.
• Fieldset boxes were cleaned up, and now have the same presentation across all current major browsers.
• BBcode for php, sql, html, css code no longer has additional padding at the top and bottom of their code boxes.
• Additional CSS was added to handle future implementation of mobile-views for the user My Stuff (Settings) pages.

UBBDev and UBBCentral are currently both running the same code.

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08/13/2016 12:24 PM UBB.threads 7.6.0 - Progress Report (2016-08-13) by id242
Changelog 2016-08-13
• viewmessages & viewmessage -listing of participants is now sorted in alphabetical order.
• autosize.js -Updated from version 3.0.15 to 3.0.17.
• jQuery.js -Updated from version 3.0.0 to 3.1.0.
• expandy.js -This file is not needed any more, and can be deleted. It's contents were further optimized and have been merged with ubb_jslib.js
• forum.tpl -Further layout optimizations for mobile views.
• postlist.tpl -Reworked several portions of the Post Listing to be completely mobile friendly. The same information that is displayed on Desktop screen sizes, is now displayed on smaller Mobile screen sizes.

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08/09/2016 11:41 AM UBB.threads 7.6.0 - Progress Report (2016-08-09) by id242
Changelog 2016-08-09
• Dashboard -Cleaned up the display of the Suhosin module warning. its a cleaner looking presentation, but its also a message that cannot be missed. (See attached screenshots)
• Post .author-content -Removed the inline percentage formatting (width="17%") and placed a "width:130px;" in to the common.css file. If desired, this width can now be overwritten per Style in the Style Editor.
• Post .post-content -Removed the inline percentage formatting (width="83%"). In modern browsers, this width with expand to fill the remainder of the page width. There is no need to declare it.
• Styles -Some links which appear as a standard link color for the Style, rather than the lighter (white) color they should be. Fixed!

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08/09/2016 11:39 AM UBB.threads 7.6.0 - Progress Report (2016-08-08) by id242
Changelog 2016-08-08
• Style Editor now tells you if items in your Extra Properties may override the Standard Style properties above it. If any items are found, a notice is shown with the CSS class name. This notice is very basic and does not check against the extended a:hover/link/visited...etc classes. Just the main class items.

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